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Why do we capture family history videos for parents and grandparents?

Welcome! My name is Trevor Jackson, and I am the founder of LegacyReel. I help seniors and those in end-of-life care share their stories on film, so their families can have their memories forever.

trevor jackson in front of congress
mike jackson and trevor jackson in bay park

Why? When I was eight years old, my dad passed away unexpectedly. I was devastated.


Despite the loss, I was fortunate to have the best family in the world who supported my younger brother and I, and who always shared happy stories about Dad.

Dad and I.

However, I wished that I could have had the chance to learn about him and his life, as told by him.

If you have lost someone too early, you know that feeling all too well.

mike and trevor fishing

He was also our family's historian.

beautiful grandparent video image in nice house

As I grew older, I wanted to secure the rest of my family history while I still had the opportunity. I started recording the stories of my own grandparents, making biographical movies out of their lives.


As time went on, I began interviewing friends' families to help them, and now I create video biographies for everyone. 

My own grandma's LegacyReel.

That's why I founded LegacyReel - to help families capture the unique stories and wisdom of their loved ones, while memories are still sharp, ensuring their legacy lives on for generations to come. 

jim graham in cornell house in college

A client, Jim, with his college buddies.


At LegacyReel, we believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. We handle the entire process, from conducting thoughtful interviews and filming, to helping you locate photos, to editing and creating a lasting video treasure your family will cherish forever.

My grandpa (at right) in Vietnam.

We specialize in working with seniors, those in end-of-life care, and those whose short-term memory may be fading, but whose long-term memory is solid. 

Grandparents gift video biography interview

Rigdon and Trish, married for 40+ years

senior citizen video biography at retirement community

As one of our recent clients shared, 

"This is a one-time decision which will provide happiness for a lifetime. You have no idea how much this video means to us now that Mom is gone."

Dottie, 1928-2021

LegacyReel is based in San Diego, California, but we will travel anywhere in the United States to capture the memories of your loved ones. 

tim jackson and trevor jackson at golf course

My brother and I today.

filming beautiful senior citizen video biography in her home

If you are ready to learn more about how LegacyReel can help your loved ones tell their stories, give us a call, schedule a consultation, or email us to get started!

Filming my grandma's LegacyReel!


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