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5 Reasons Why Every Senior Should Create a Video Biography

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Everyone wants to be remembered positively, and humans have always left their mark on the world. Whether by the cave paintings of the Paleolithic era, the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, or Ben Franklin’s Autobiography (considered by many to be the best autobiography ever written, and one I strongly recommend reading!), people have always managed to find a way to connect their own pasts to their descendants.
While wall paintings, clay tablets, and written memoirs still have their place, newer technology has emerged to assist people in sharing their stories. Audio recordings, speech-to-text, and Video Biographies are now used to help seniors record their memories faster, easier, and at a lower cost. While each have their own respective benefits, sharing memories via video is the preferred way for many seniors today.
Video Biographies, also known as Legacy Videos, are a comprehensive way to capture and share not only your memories, but your voice, smile, laughter, and more for generations to come. Here are 5 reasons why every senior should create a Video Biography.

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Reason # 1: A Video Biography captures your spirit and essence.

A Video Biography is a beautiful movie that combines interviews, family photos, home videos, documents, and favorite music to showcase one’s life, as told by you: the one who experienced it all. It lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and shows your life story in chronological fashion. For example, it may start with you telling stories about your ancestry, then proceed to your own parents, childhood, teenage years, marriage, having children yourself, your work life, having grandkids, and thoughts on the future. At the end, you can leave a heartfelt message to your own children and grandchildren, offering them advice or words of love that they will cherish — and eventually show their own families for decades to come.

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Reason # 2: The magic of a Video Biography comes from the photos and music that give context and emotion to your interview.

While simply recounting your memories on camera is already one of the best gifts you could leave for your children, it is only enhanced by the photos, home videos, and music that give emotion and context to your video. For example, if you are discussing your early life and talk about what your mother was like, how amazing would it be for your own children to see a photo of your mother in her child-rearing years parenting you on screen? They already know many of your stories, but having the visual reinforcement of photos alongside your memories increases their understanding, enriching them with a deeper understanding. Having your favorite songs playing in the background also helps to give broader cultural context and emotion to your stories. The combination makes for an experience like no other — many younger family members who watched their mom or dad’s Video Biography feel like they were actually there alongside their parent, seeing their life unfold before their eyes.

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Reason # 3: A Video Biography is perfect for all occasions and can take the burden off of your family.

A video biography is perfect to premiere at a birthday party, anniversary, retirement party, or other celebrations. As you take care of your own legacy planning, consider your celebration of life. Many funeral homes provide a short montage video of your pictures. However, what if you could provide a custom video, pre-made and approved by yourself, in which you speak directly to your friends and family about your life? Having a Video Biography already in place takes the pressure off your family, when they are already grieving and at their most burdened.

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Reason # 4: A Video Biography is fully customizable and tailored to you.

Everyone’s life is unique. Many of today’s seniors have quite different experiences, especially in their teens and twenties. You may have been drafted, joined a countercultural movement, or simply followed an educational route and became a teacher. Whatever your story is, it is yours, and ought to be shown in your own special way. Video is the perfect medium for this, and video editors can craft your interview, pictures, and story into the way that suits you best and shows you in the most positive light. Perhaps you’d also like to have your spouse on camera, and tell both of your stories. That is perfectly doable and encouraged! Remember, this story is about YOU, and YOUR FAMILY, and will be watched for generations to come, so why not make it perfect?

three generations of women watch their loved ones legacyreel on a tablet

Reason # 5: A Video Biography’s value only increases with time, and is an everlasting gift to your family.

When you request a video biography for yourself or a loved one, not only will you receive a professionally-shot and edited video of your life in USB, DVD and/or digital format (i.e., a link that can be shared online with anyone), but you also receive an unforgettable experience that brings families together as they reminisce on good times, as well as sparking new conversations. The interview itself may last anywhere from 2-6+ hours, and you and your family will receive the entire, uncut footage. Do you have anything like that for your parents or your grandparents? What would you give to have that today?

The son of one of LegacyReel’s clients recently told us, “This is a one-time decision which will provide happiness for a lifetime. You have no idea how much this video means to us now that Mom is gone.”

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 A video biography is far less expensive than hiring a ghostwriter to write your biography, and it takes only a few hours of your time. All you have to do is sit in your favorite chair, answer some questions, help locate some photos, and then your job is done! Your preferred video biography company (like the San Diego-based LegacyReel) will take care of the rest, and work on your video until you are completely satisfied. You give final approval, and then you will have a gift that can be shared with children, siblings, grandkids, and more!
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While the forms of preserving our memories may evolve, the desire to connect with family across generations remains constant. By creating a video biography, you bridge the gap between your past, present, and future, ensuring your cherished stories and wisdom live on. If you’re thinking about your legacy, consider a video biography. Your family will thank you.
LegacyReel, a San Diego-based company, is a trusted option for creating your very own biography. With a perfect 5-star rating on Google, their owner and founder Trevor Jackson works with you to ensure all your needs are met. You can view some of their sample videos here to get a feel for what your video biography might look like, and you can ask them any questions at, or call them at (619) 629-7885.
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