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Will My Video Biography Be Shown on the Internet? | (619) 629-7885

The question of privacy is front and center in most peoples' minds today. As it should be. We have heard all too many stories of companies selling our data and friends and loved ones getting scammed. So, when you think about your own stories being captured on video to share with loved ones, you are well within your right to be cautious. Fortunately, at LegacyReel, we handle your data and privacy with utmost care.

Privacy by Design: LegacyReel prioritizes control over who sees your video biography. We offer customizable privacy settings, allowing you to decide exactly who can access your completed video.

Sharing Made Simple: Choose who you want to share with – immediate family, extended family, or even keep it private for personal reflection. LegacyReel provides a secure platform for sharing your story on your terms.

Not Public by Default: Unlike social media, your video biography is not automatically visible to the public. LegacyReel ensures your story remains a cherished keepsake for those you choose to share it with.

Password Protection Option: For an extra layer of security, LegacyReel offers password protection for your video biography. This allows you to share the video with specific individuals and control access further.

Peace of Mind for Sharing: We understand the desire to share your story with loved ones while protecting your privacy. LegacyReel empowers you to create a beautiful video biography and share it confidently.

Now, some of our clients don't mind sharing their stories with the world. You may have seen some of their sample videos on our site. If you wish to share your videos with the world, we will help your do so as well.

Whether you are creating a video biography for yourself, or for a loved one, have confidence that your data, information, and stories will be kept private, if you so desire. If you have any questions about your privacy or legacy videos in general, please reach out to or call (619) 629-7885.
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